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Effects of L-arginine Supplementation and Aerobic Training on Hemodynamic Indices of Obese Men

Majid Jahani 1 , Maghsoud Nabilpour 2 and Rodrigo Ramirez Campillo 3 , *
Authors Information
1 Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
2 Department of Sport Sciences, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran
3 Laboratory of Human Performance, Quality of Life and Wellness Research Group, Department of Physical Activity Sciences, University of Los Lagos, Osorno, Chile
Article information
  • International Journal of Sport Studies for Health: 2 (1); e88017
  • Published Online: April 14, 2019
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Received: December 21, 2018
  • Revised: December 28, 2018
  • Accepted: February 22, 2019
  • DOI: 10.5812/intjssh.88017

To Cite: Jahani M, Nabilpour M, Campillo R R. Effects of L-arginine Supplementation and Aerobic Training on Hemodynamic Indices of Obese Men, Int J Sport Stud Hlth. Online ahead of Print ; 2(1):e88017. doi: 10.5812/intjssh.88017.

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1. Background
2. Objectives
3. Methods
4. Results
5. Discussion
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